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The Big Stories

The Ability of Assumption - Repost

Inspiration Porn – the second best thing about the internet. The other day I threw my back out while visiting DC, a painful three hours of travel from my home in Brooklyn. After two days laid out on a friend’s bed, unable put on my own socks, I took a handful of Advil and got on a plane.

Of Course, a Super Bowl Post

I love the Super Bowl. It is where American culture and politics meet amazing feats of athleticism all interspersed with expensive ads made by the best and the brightest agencies in the country.

Time to shut up and listen

Sometimes it is good to just shut up and listen, especially if like me you have a tendency to mansplain things. This week when I shut up, or rather stopped trying to write something very brilliant for the CSS blog, I found some really great stuff out there on the internets written by some really smart people.